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  • World class stringing
  • Good range and choice of string
  • Excellent prices
  • Fast service
  • New grips
  • New grommet strips
  • Racquet customisation
  • Mail order restrings (form)
Stringing prices

These are the strings I normally stock, but others can be readily obtained for you.
Babolat Synthetic Gut 1.30 - 15
A good all-round synthetic gut, offering a crisp feel and good durability.
Apollo Polyflex 1.27 - 15 
A resilient control oriented co-polyester string, offering high durability for chronic string breakers.
Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 1.30 - 18
The world's most popular synthetic string, offering consistency and durability.
Signum Pro Poly Plasma Hextreme 1.25 - 18
A hexagonally profiled co-polyester string, offering more bite and excellent control.
Babolat Addiction 1.30 - 20 
A powerful and comfortable multifilament string, offering enhanced durability over similar construction strings.
Head Sonic Pro 1.25 - 20
A soft feeling durable co-polyester string, offering superior touch and a lively response.
Supply your own string - 10
Other strings - to order
I can order in almost any string within 24-48 hours.
Replacement grips - 5
Overgrips - 2 each or three for 5
Replacement grommet strip and fitting 10
I offer a customisation service to weight, match and balance rackets. Please contact me for further details.
I offer one day workshops and private lessons as part of my role as UK Manager of the European Racquet Stringers Association. The cost of these is 100. Please contact me for further details.

Squash and badminton:

I also string squash and badminton rackets. Prices for squash racket start at 10 for those providing their own string and for badminton rackets at 12 for those providing their own string. Other prices are available on request and strings can be ordered in within 24-48 hours/

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